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Estate Planning

It is the goal of the Orengo Law Firm P.C. to make the estate planning process as easy as possible, from the first meeting, to the last transfer of assets. Effective estate planning ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes in an expeditious manner and, at the same time, that the amount of taxes paid from your estate is minimize.


Any number of methods may be used to achieve effective estate planning including wills, various types of trusts and charitable contributions. The Orengo Law Firm P.C. will explain

the options that are appropriate to your unique situation and tailor a plan suited to your individual needs.

Elder Law

Your family is prepared to deal with the elderly relative's diminished capacity to handle his or her own affairs by having in place:


 •  Durable power of attorney

 •  Living will

 •  Designation of a health care proxy

 •  Special needs trust

 •  Long-term care insurance


If appropriate, the Orengo Law Firm P.C. also assists with guardianships and Medicaid planning. Making decisions ahead of time regarding your financial and healthcare choices will give you peace of mind.



A guardian is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the incapacitated person. However, the court will only grant authority to the guardian for decisions that it deems the incapacitated person is incapable of making on his or her own. The guardian has the responsibility to allow the incapacitated person the greatest amount of autonomy possible under the circumstances.


There are two types of guardians: 

 •  Guardian for Personal Needs

     Assists with personal care and decisions about personal life.

 •  Guardian for Property Management

    Manages the assets, personal property, real estate, etc. of the incapacitated    



The court may assign one person as a personal and property guardian or two separate guardians, one for personal needs and one for property management.  The Orengo Law

Firm P.C. represents clients contesting guardianships, and those initiating such proceedings for incapacitated individuals. 




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